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How Much Is My Home Worth?

The first thing that prospective sellers ask our real estate brokers is how to determine the worth of their house. Many factors can influence a house’s asking price, including availability and demand in your surrounding neighborhood and how fast you need to sell your home.

Our Custom property Value Report gives you the information you need to gain a better understanding of what your property is worth in today’s market. Your report will include information on:

Buyer Demand – Determine how many registered buyers are looking for a property similar to yours, as well as how many have looked for a home similar to yours in the last week.

Statistical Data – Key information for the local residential real estate market, such as the number of properties for sale, the average price, and the average number of days on market.
Homes for Sale in the Neighborhood – View a list of comparable houses in your region, featuring listing price and days on the marketplace.
Enter your street location above to receive up to three estimations of your home’s current worth.

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